The Shakti Roadmap

Unlock your creative potential: Journey through the five energy centres of inspired content creation!

An eight week live online program for yoga teachers and spiritual entrepreneurs. Go from feeling overwhelmed and uninspired to effortlessly creating a brand vision that enables you to grow your business online.


Content Marketing is what you create across your social media, website, emails, podcasts, blogs etc. that sells your offers and business. 

It’s what attracts your dream clients and then nurtures them, building an engaged community who want to work with you because you show them how you can help them to elevate their life. 

This program *will* help you get really good at your content marketing. 

Hey Beauty, I'm Edwina...

I'm wildly passionate about helping spiritual entrepreneurs in business truly shine their unique brand online.  I have successfully helped many clients just like you, as well as run my own multiple businesses spanning 15+ years.

I want to see you unlock your creative potential and build a personal brand that is truly inspired. By creating online content that attracts and engages your dream clients.

This program is a complete roadmap to creating everything from authentic social media content, to sales pages, websites, copywriting and email marketing. Heck there's even Facebook ads and photography training!

I've included everything I wish I'd had in one place when I first started running my businesses online.

The Magic Begins Here...

This is high touch, high return, inspired action program, so get ready to create your best work and shine online!

This program is your complete content marketing roadmap from authentic social media content, to sales pages, websites, copywriting and email marketing.  Where creativity and the tech meet effortlessly. 

Together over eight weeks:

  • We will connect one-to-one to set¬†goals for the program that feel good for you and set you up for success.
  • We gather on Zoom as a group to work through the practical and technical training, embodiment and mindset work.¬†
  • We'll stay connected via a Whatsapp chat, this is where you will be able to share your work and creations for feedback from myself and the other spiritual entrepreneurs in the group.
  • I know the online content creation world can be daunting and overwhelming, that's why I will guide you through the whole process of creating your content. Whether it's to launch and sell your¬†offers, or develop a social media strategy and it's content, or maybe it's your branding, a new website or sales page. The process is duplicatable for your future content too.¬†
  • We¬†then meet for a second¬†one-to-one towards the end of the program for a progress update and individualised guidance.¬†
  • You will also have one-to-one Whatsapp access to me for 2 weeks post program for feedback and mentoring.¬†


You are The Creatrix...

Just imagine what it would *feel* like to liberate yourself from feeling overwhelmed and stuck. To ignite your creativity and embody the true essence of your brand.

To be in a place where inspiration is plentiful and it sparkles ūüíę out of you with enthusiasm. So that when you sit down to create content for your beautiful business the designs, words and technical skills flow effortlessly.

Imagine that you're actually excited to share your message and offerings with the world. You feel a sense of expansion rather than contraction when you think about using social media.

You have confidence in your practical and technical skills to make it all happen effortlessly?!

This is the energy of ✨The Creatrix✨ and you will master this craft when you join The Shakti Roadmap program.

We’ll start by guiding you to *embody* your divine creative energy ✨shakti✨  then we demystify the creative process, followed by supporting you to create a laser sharp strategy and lastly teaching you the practical and technical skills to bring it to actualisation -  birthing it into the world and generating income! 


Included in the Six Week Program:

I hear all the time "Oh there's so much to learn!" This is why I want you to work closely with you to take your artistic expression and technical skills to the next level. I want you to feel confident to  deliver a juicy body of work during this program and beyond.

  • 2 x 30 min one-to-one calls with Edwina for individualised guidance and support. We'll discuss your goals, dreams and develop your strategy.
  • 1 x Pre-recorded preparation module, so that you¬†enter the¬†program already in creative flow.
  • 5 x live group sessions via Zoom, these include the technical trainings, mindset and creative inspired action.
  • Whatsapp group chat and¬†private connection with me for the duration of the program and beyond.
  • Access to the exclusive training portal with resources created by me specifically for this program and it's cohorts.
  • BONUS 1:¬† 3 Exclusive Sessions with my creative team and mentors.
    • The Story Of Your Business, a Copywriting workshop with my personal business mentor and Author Katie Rose, founder of¬†Bhakti Rose + Bhakti Business.
    • Facebook Ads For Lead Generation with my (Facebook) Guru Jayne Day, founder of¬†Webonize.
    • Photography Wizardy with my preferred commercial photographer and all round creative genius, Lizz Pennings, founder of Ritualism.¬†
  • BONUS 2:¬† FREE access to¬†the Shakti Creative Community¬†where we meet live via Zoom monthly for continuing support and training. This community is buzzing with high vibes and spiritual entrepreneurs supporting each other to grow their businesses online!¬†

Live Session Dates and Times

We kick off 3rd April 2024

We will meet via Zoom Wednesdays at 12 pm, Sydney time for 8 weeks, with a break week. 

The last session will be 29th May. 

Specific topics and guest trainers will be announced each week, so that we can meet the needs of the specific cohort.

If you can't make the live sessions they will be recorded and uploaded to the training portal. 

The one to one sessions can be scheduled once you enrol, you will get a link to book.

Why, as a business owner, you need this program:

ūüíĖ You WILL save time and money on outsourcing your content. You can become really good at your content creation even if you don't feel like you are creative or have the tech skills. At the end of the training you will¬†be confident to create and put your content out there to sell your offers.¬†

ūüíĖ You will refine your messaging and speak directly to your soul clients with your content.

ūüíĖ Your creative content sells your business and its offers.

*Branding + Good Social Media + Consistency Across Your Website = SALES*

Throughout your time in The Shakti Roadmap you will create a brand vision that enables you to sell. 

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The Skakti Roadmap will guide you to produce your next master piece, whether it’s your branding, a sales page, exciting big launch or Instagram strategy.

This process is my ✨signature method✨ and I’m sharing it with a limited numer spiritual entrepreneurs! 

This Program is for you if you:

  • Are a yoga teacher, healer, wellness coach or spiritual entrepreneur.
  • A heart-led female business owner.¬†
  • A wellness advocate who wants to stand out out from the sea of sameness.
  • Brand new to running a business who needs guidance to strategise, plan and create your content marketing.¬†
  • A seasoned business owner who needs fresh perspective and¬†be guided to create content that gets attention and sells.¬†
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The Shakti Roadmap

with Edwina Peden


An intimate group online training for spiritual entrepreneurs, yoga and ayurvedic teachers, wellness coaches and healers, who want to up-level their content creation for their social media, offers and launches to generate sales.


Kind Words

Edwina opened my eyes to another perspective of social media. I have a love hate relationship with socials as I felt it went against some of my values. Hence I steered clear for a long time and posts were few and far between.

When I contacted Edwina for a refresh, instantly the overwhelm diminished.

Edwina's kind, gentle and supportive nature along with her expertise in this field gave me the confidence to use socials whilst being my authentic self, rather than thinking I had to sell my soul to the devil! It's baby steps, but certainly moving in the right direction with the tools and tips Edwina has shared.

The best bit is I'm learning to have fun with my socials. Gratitude and love to you lonely Edwina.

Kay Reeves

Consciously Living Kay

I'm In!

"In you and me, Saraswati flows through that moment when we choose a creative path or make an intention. She lives in the ever-new creative instant when inspiration arises within the field of your consciousness. When an idea takes form, you can find her as the inner impulse that comes from somewhere deeper than your mind, ready to dance on your tongue." - Sally Kempton‚Ā†

Kind Words

I am thrilled to write a heartfelt testimonial for Edwina from Shakti Creative. Working with Edwina has been an absolute pleasure and a game-changer for both my personal and professional life. She's not just a branding and social media expert, she's become a cherished friend along the way.

From the very first meeting, Edwina's passion for her work shone through. She took the time to understand my vision, my brand, and my goals, and then she went above and beyond to turn that vision into a reality. Her creativity and attention to detail are truly remarkable. Under her guidance, my brand's identity transformed into something that not only resonates with my target audience but also feels authentic and unique.

Edwina's expertise in social media management is nothing short of exceptional. She not only crafted engaging and on-brand content but also developed a strategy that increased my online presence and engagement significantly. She's always up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, ensuring that my brand stays relevant in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

But what sets Edwina apart is her genuine friendship and support. She is not just a business associate; she's someone who truly cares about my success and well-being. Her unwavering encouragement, positive energy, and willingness to go the extra mile have made her a friend I value immensely.

In times of uncertainty and doubt, Edwina has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation. She has a remarkable ability to uplift and empower those around her, and I am grateful to have her in my corner.

Yolanda Komoll

Kapada Living