Hey Beauty!

I’m Edwina, I'm here to help spiritual entrepreneurs grow online with content marketing magic that’s deliciously creative and authentically you. ✨ 

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Hey Beauty!

I’m Edwina, I'm here to help your brand to shine online with content marketing magic ✨ 

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About Edwina


I'm wildly passionate about helping spiritual entrepreneurs in business truly shine their unique brand online. 

I will guide you to embody the very soul and energy of your business, to uncover it's true nature, this is Shakti Creative. 

Then I'll take that vision and energetic brand blueprint and make pure magic, this is my super power.

Not just another agency, ain't no vanilla here.

More about me

Do feel overwhelmed and uninspired when it comes to marketing for your business? 

What if I told you that I could save you time and money because you don't need to outsource your content?

You can become really good at your content creation even if you don't feel like you're creative or have the tech skills.

ūüíĖ¬†Your creative content sells your business and its offers.¬†¬†Branding + good social media + consistency across your website = SALES

My ✨super power✨ is teaching and guiding business owners like you to feel confident to create and put your content out there to sell your offers. 

In my live training program, The Shakti Roadmap, you will learn the skills to create really great content across your social media, website, emails and blog.

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The Creatrix 2.0


Online content creation training for Yoga Teachers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Journey with us to embody your divine creativity and learn how to create unique online content


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"In you and me, Saraswati flows through that moment when we choose a creative path or make an intention. She lives in the ever-new creative instant when inspiration arises within the field of your consciousness. When an idea takes form, you can find her as the inner impulse that comes from somewhere deeper than your mind, ready to dance on your tongue."

-¬†Awakening Shakti by¬†Sally Kempton‚Ā†


" I love working with Edwina because her super power is being able to hear about my creative vision, translate it and then deliver the job with a quick turn around time and minimal fuss. Which is so important to me as I'm busy, juggling business and motherhood."


Katie Rose

Bhakti Rose & Bhakti Business

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